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Reaching Bikers For JESUS

Pastor T 

Pastor T has dedicated his life to reaching the motorcycle community, Scooter bums, Bikers, and as some call us Biker Trash, with the message of God's great love for us all. 


Some have known Pastor T as the Iceman, the happy preacher, the bike whisperer, but his favorite titles are brother and My Pastor.

Pastor T travels across the country on his 2019 Tri-Glide (The 5th Sparrow), speaking at churches, rally's and holding service where the participants ride their motorcycles in and set on their bikes during service. His theme is "Our Bikes Are Our Pews".


"It doesn't matter what you have done, it doesn't matter where you have been, It doesn't matter how messed up your life may be, God has sent His SON and Grace to find you and bring you home... He is waiting on you".

​Pastor T is the founder of In The Wind Ministries and Harleyville Church In The Wind.